The Quest For Truth

With the world in such turmoil and the fears of what might be, come these questions – DoesGod really exist? And if He does, does He not care? The author of this book has asked these very questions and the answers revealed to him may not only astonish you but will stimulate the mind and take you into the heights and depths of God’s inexplicable love.In this book, the author not only shares his personal experiences but goes on to share what he believes to be a direct revelation given to him by God of the many questions being pondered by believers and unbelievers alike. Questions like:*Should disasters caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires be called anAct of God?*Is Satan real?*Who made Satan?*Why was Satan cast down to earth?*Why was Satan allowed to exist after he fell?*Who created evil? It’s informative, it’s stimulating and it’s illuminating.


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